Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, Cozy Harbor Seafood has focused on keeping workers safe while fulfilling the company’s role as an essential food production facility.?

Based on CDC’s Guidance for Protecting Seafood Processing Workers From COVID-19,? Cozy Harbor initiated an ongoing system of engineering, production and staffing controls to mitigate COVID-19 risks to employees and its supply chain.?

These actions began on March 16:

?????? –Constructed an additional plant entrance for staff;

???????–Installed modular building with additional locker, lunchroom & bathroom facilities to reduce staff density;

???????–Upgraded ventilation with ultraviolet & ionization disinfection to reduce airborne transmission;

???????–Installed plexiglass separators in lunchrooms;?

???????–Installed stainless-steel separators on production lines;

???????–Screened employees at plant entry for temperature and symptoms, at start of each shift;

???????–Required facility-wide use of masks, face shields & safety glasses on the production lines;

???????–Cleaning and sanitizing multiple times throughout the day;

???????–Controlling staff movement throughout the facility to promote distancing.


Since the start of the pandemic, Cozy Harbor Seafood, as an essential food production facility, has done the following:

??????–Produced and distributed 4,900,000 fresh fish servings

??????–Produced and distributed 3,600,000 lobster meat and lobster tail servings

??????–Supports 100+ employees and their families

??????–Supports 400+ fishermen and their families

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